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Episode 12: Dynamics, Trends and the State of the Credit Market (Part Two)

To close out the year with a bang, December’s Extra Credit episode is a double-header. Paul Siegfried, TransUnion Head of Card and Banking, joins Josh and Craig for a two-part podcast where he shares his perspectives on current consumer and competitive trends in the credit card market, and how issuers can differentiate and position themselves for growth. 

Part two of episode 12 kicks off with the second half of the car-themed trivia before honing in on competitive pressures facing different card issuer segments as they position themselves to acquire and retain customers, transactions and balances. Paul explains the practical value of using trended credit and alternative data to better know and understand consumers — and why that’s critical to winning share of wallet. He also offers a personal take on generational differences in consumer expectations for credit and credit products.

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