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Episode 15: The Financial Services Industry’s Evolving Relationship With Technology

TransUnion CITO Abhi Dhar joins this month’s episode to discuss how technology is being adopted and leveraged in the financial services industry, and the importance of lenders appealing to top tech talent.

This month on the podcast, TransUnion Chief Information and Technology Officer Abhi Dhar joins Craig and Josh to discuss how credit lenders are contending with technology enablement trends in the financial services industry.

Josh and Abhi kick the conversation off by examining the global business drivers impacting how organizations — and especially leadership — are thinking about technology. Abhi notes how the pandemic accelerated cloud adoption for many financial institutions, and emphasizes how important it is for business leaders to appeal to engineering talent.

Abhi then addresses what lenders can do to better adapt to these significant market changes, and Craig asks Abhi for his opinion on how tech can improve global consumer access to financial services or financial outcomes.

Finally, Josh tests our guest’s knowledge of an old favorite band of his: The Chemical Brothers! 


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