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Episode 17: Advancing Financial Inclusion: A Story of Policy, Data and Technology

FinRegLab CEO Melissa Koide joins us this month to discuss how her organization is working toward a more inclusive marketplace via innovations in public policy, technology, data-risk decisioning and more.

Joining Craig and Josh this month is Melissa Koide, Founder and CEO of FinRegLab — a nonprofit organization that tests and researches technology to help inform public policy and advance financial inclusion.

Melissa touches on some of FinRegLab’s key initiatives, including the use of cashflow data to predict credit risk and assess populations with limited or no credit history; new research the organization is doing on machine learning algorithms being used in financial services; and a partnership with Kenya’s government, banks and bureaus to determine the optimal data insights needed for credit risk assessing women-owned small businesses.

The group also discusses regulatory uncertainties keeping the financial industry from wider adoption of new types of data, and muses over the laws and regulations that could one day surround artificial intelligence and platforms like ChatGPT.

Finally, Josh tests Melissa’s Kentucky knowledge with some light trivia about her hometown.


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