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Episode 18: The US Policies and Regulations Impacting the Financial Services Sector Today

US policy expert Allison Shuster returns to Extra Credit to discuss government partisanship, data privacy and AI governance, agency activity in the housing market, and more.

TransUnion Head of US Government Relations, Allison Shuster, returns to Extra Credit this month to discuss the political and legislative activities currently impacting the US financial services industry.  

Craig and Allison start by discussing the proposed Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) rulemaking process expected to take place later in 2023, whether government partisanship is as challenging as it’s portrayed in the media, and how legislators are turning to the private sector to help inform policy decisions.

Next Josh and Allison talk about the major focus areas for regulators that might not be as headline-grabbing, including a politically-stalled federal privacy standard and AI governance concerns cropping up in both the Senate and Congress.

Finally, Josh asks Allison how the upcoming presidential election cycle will impact the pace of legislation; they discuss how states are looking at the use and treatment of medical debt on the credit file; and Allison urges listeners to pay attention to the uptick in agency activity (particularly from the CFPB and FHFA) within the housing market. 


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