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Episode 19: The Transitioning Landscape of Auto Financing

Satyan Merchant weighs in on the emerging trends, supply challenges and generational shifts impacting today’s auto finance industry.

TransUnion SVP of Auto, Satyan Merchant, joins Craig and Josh this month to discuss emerging trends within the US auto financing market.

We begin with Satyan touching on today’s top auto industry headlines — from supply chain issues and high interest rates impacting consumer affordability to major shifts in market share.

Satyan describes how technology-forward dealerships and lenders are modernizing the industry by offering online-to-offline car shopping experiences, and shares how lenders should be thinking about the growing number of credit-active Gen Z consumers.

Josh and Craig ask for Satyan’s opinion on the future of vehicle values and supply, and what that means from a credit standpoint; they discuss the return of incentive programs; and Satyan draws comparisons between the auto and mortgage financing markets.

*Plus, take a look at the TransUnion study Satyan references in the episode: Impact of Unsettled Vehicle Values on Lenders and Consumers


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