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Episode 6: The Evolution of Financial Inclusion (Part Two)

This month, we’re seeing double with two guests and two episodes! Joining Craig and Josh are Karen Andres (Director of Policy and Market Solutions and Project Director of the Retirement Savings Initiative at the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program) and Josh Sledge (Senior Director of Incubation at the Filene Research Institute, a “think and do tank” in the credit union space).

In part two of this month’s episode, Craig asks Karen and Josh S. to offer opinions on the government’s role in regulating financial products. They also discuss the importance of truly understanding consumer outcomes. Our guests then think back on financial products that never quite took off, as well as small ideas that turned into something much bigger.

Finally, host Josh finally learns about the origination of the 401k, and Karen and Josh S. talk about exposing their kids to financial concepts from a young age.

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