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Episode 7: The Policy Initiatives and Regulations Affecting the US Financial Services Industry

TransUnion’s Rachel Goldberg (Global Head of External Affairs) and Allison Shuster (Head of U.S. Government Relations) join the podcast this month to discuss US policy initiatives affecting the financial services industry, as well as the current regulatory landscape in Washington D.C.

In this episode, our guests touch on the debate regarding a federal privacy standard and how difficult it’s been for legislation to pass at a federal level. Allison weighs in on possible regulatory impacts should control of the legislative branches shift during the midterms; Rachel shares her thoughts around financial inclusion efforts from the Biden administration; and there’s discussion on how inflation strains are affecting policy decisions.

Plus, Josh is curious about Rachel’s view on policymaking re: financial institutions sharing consumer data; Allison discusses privacy initiatives at the local level; and Craig and Josh test Rachel’s and Allison’s knowledge of sports and restaurants in the D.C. area.

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