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Account Monitoring

Be alerted to consumer activity that can alter your debt collections strategy

Early notification of changes within your debt portfolio can enable you to take swift and profitable action. With regular account monitoring, you'll be informed when shifts arise that may impact a consumer's ability to pay. By gaining insight into a consumer's life events—such as the purchase of a new car—you can make informed decisions quickly to improve your recoveries.  

TransUnion's Triggers for Collections team looks at accounts daily – flagging new activity and sending notifications to your collections team. Through this visibility, you can proactively address changes in your book of business and restructure your collections priorities.

Triggers for Collections will notify you in cases of:

  • New credit inquiries and loans obtained
  • Increases in open to buy
  • Paid tradelines
  • Changes in propensity to pay

You’ll also receive a complimentary, consultative analysis of how your portfolio is performing subsequent to implementing Triggers for Collections. This helps you evaluate your debt portfolio’s potential and provides the guidance you need to maximize your recovery efforts.


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