Charity and Financial Aid Screening

Objectively qualify more patients for the right financial assistance or charity programs

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Match uninsured and underinsured patients with the best funding sources

TransUnion offers a multi-tiered approach to help hospitals determine charity care or other financial aid eligibility. First, our real time Financial Aid pre-screening solution condenses patient financial data into an easy-to-read summary. Front-end staff can then quickly determine a patient’s likelihood to qualify for financial assistance based on metrics, such as percent of Federal Poverty Level, and then triage those accounts into the appropriate workflows.

Then our Revenue Manager solution leads financial counselors through an objective, standardized interview process so they can pursue multiple financial assistance programs at the same time, including Medicaid, charity or other assistance programs. As a result, they can match uninsured and underinsured patients to appropriate funding sources, increase reimbursements, and reduce staff time spent gathering data and filling out forms.

Improve the efficiency of your financial assistance policy using a consistent, unbiased method that will help you meet compliance requirements and reduce bad debt.




  • Financial Aid

    Eliminate the barriers for financial assistance

    Accurately identify charity care-eligible patients

    Comply with IRS 501(r) reporting requirements

  • Revenue Manager

    Qualify patients for financial assistance programs faster

    Increase reimbursements with ranked list of programs

    Provide audit-ready documentation for charity care

    Improve patient satisfaction

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