CreditVision Credit Reports

Gauge how consumers’ use of credit is trending over time to make better informed decisions

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A more comprehensive view of consumer performance to better inform marketing, risk and collections activities

Improving on traditional credit reports, CreditVision® delves even deeper into consumers’ historical credit performance. View up to 30 months of tradeline data for a more comprehensive sense of how consumers manage their credit obligations.

CreditVision Credit Reports give you deeper insights to make better informed lending decisions and help facilitate efficient underwriting

CreditVision Credit Summary

CreditVision Credit Summary presents a concise summary of a consumer’s financial picture. Access a 12 or 24-month summarized view of a consumer’s account information, including tradeline insights into payment amount, delinquency summaries and total payment ratios. Also includes more detailed insights that show new data fields, payment ratios and historical trends to help you better assess a consumer’s ability to pay. You’ll be better able to determine whether consumers can take on new accounts or if they are becoming a higher risk due to reported delinquencies.

CreditVision Account History Summary

Provides an aggregated view of a consumer’s use of credit by tradeline type. Information is organized by time period and grouped by tradeline type, so you can easily see total balances, payments due and made, and payment ratios for each period.

Product Highlights
  • Available for more than 200 million consumers—that’s virtually every credit-active adult in the United States

  • View up to 30 months of tradeline data to better understand the direction of consumer performance

  • Access up to 20 addresses for improved identity management and collection recovery

  • Configurable for 12, 18, 24 or 30-month views

  • Quickly locate key aspects of a Credit Report in an easy-to-read PDF format

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