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Obtain a more complete view of consumers through enriched credit report data values

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Access additional dimensions of consumer behavior in order to make more informed decisions

In order to get the most complete view into consumer behavior, you have to dig deeper. With CreditVision® data, attributes and algorithms, you now have access to a host of enriched, trended data that yields highly predictive behaviors, such as off-use utilization, revolving credit, balance build, loyalty and product preference. With up to 30 months of tradeline history, you can better predict how a consumer will perform in your portfolio, all because you have a more thorough understanding of their credit behavior over time.


  • Improve the ability to target potential loan-consolidation consumers by understanding balance shifts over time
  • Understand consumer balance build off-portfolio and the impact to your institution’s receivables
  • Target off-use revolver vs. transactor behavior

Lending/Risk management

  • Quantify and address the risk associated with revolving consumers vs. transacting consumers
  • Identify consumer credit cycles sooner, and with more precision
  • Pinpoint credit behaviors complementary to current capabilities (e.g., interest-only loans, forbearance loans)


  • Reprioritize consumers in a collections state
  • Utilize additional addresses to locate elusive, delinquent customers
Product Highlights
  • New data fields

    Actual Payment Amount

    Expanded Remark Codes

    Last Maximum Delinquency

  • Existing data fields with enriched values

    Historical Counters and Maximum Delinquency Enriched Payment Pattern

    Expanded Field Lengths

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