CreditVision Income Estimator

Estimate a consumer’s total income, including wages, salaries, investment income, alimony, business income and more

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A broader view of income means deeper insight for you

TransUnion CreditVision® Income Estimator goes beyond wages and salaries to predict a consumer’s total income—factoring in additional sources such as investment income, alimony, business income, IRA distributions, pensions and annuities, real estate income, unemployment compensation and Social Security benefits. This enhanced solution is built on the enriched data and analytics of TransUnion CreditVision, featuring monthly spend data and up to 30 months of extended account history. The result? A much more accurate view of a consumer’s total income. Note: This product is approved only for FCRA-regulated uses with permissible purpose; adverse action is not permitted.

CreditVision Income Estimator helps you manage risk throughout the member lifecycle

Account acquisition

  • Refine prospect segmentation
  • Target offers more effectively
  • Process applications more efficiently with add on to the credit report delivery

Account management

  • Better manage credit line increases
  • Identify changes and trends within the portfolio and adjust policies accordingly
  • Improve risk, loss and delinquency forecasts
  • Better cross-sell existing accounts


  • Identify which accounts are most likely to pay
  • Streamline collection treatment strategies
  • Assess debt portfolio market value with greater accuracy
Product Highlights
  • Can help assess a consumer’s ability to make required periodic payments

  • Estimates joint income from $0 up to $1 million, rounded to the nearest thousand

  • Validated using verified Adjusted Gross Income as reported on the Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

  • Reassess existing customer income and ability to pay in an account management environment

  • Segment optimal populations for which consumer income or proof of income should be requested

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