CreditVision Prescreens

Bring precision to your marketing campaigns by targeting consumers more likely to become profitable customers

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Identify and engage the right prospects by leveraging enriched CreditVision data

When you can target and connect with consumers more likely to respond to offers, you can increase your probability of successfully converting them to customers. By using CreditVision® data and analytics, you can explore past credit behavior, including spend, usage and payment predictability. These behaviors can then be used to help predict future outcomes and ensure that your marketing investments are focused on the right individuals. By using an expansive set of predictive time series data points, industry-leading scores and models, as well as predefined criteria, prescreens are able to help you achieve unprecedented campaign results.

For customers interested in implementing prescreen marketing with minimal hassle, effort and resources we offer CreditVision Prescreen - Express. Express uses predefined, relevant criteria to produce a fast compliant way to target and connect with qualified and receptive consumers. This enables you to launch effective marketing campaigns quickly and with ease.

CreditVision prescreens will:
  • Find customers with positive credit behaviors and patterns

  • Find customers in the market for a particular product or service

  • Find customers more likely to have the ability to pay

  • Find customers that align with existing risk lending strategies

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