CreditVision Propensity Models

Gain the ability to identify consumers ready to act on credit transactions with CreditVision Propensity Models

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Find and target more customers ready to engage in credit transactions with enriched data and analytics

CreditVision® Propensity Models provide an enhanced ability to identify specific credit trends. That means that you can empower your marketing and increase your odds by specifically targeting active consumers. By reviewing consumer behavior, you are able to act more quickly and with the confidence that your offer will be timely and well received.

Utilize the first propensity models in the industry built with time series credit information

CreditVision Auto Propensity Score

Increase the odds of identifying consumers seeking an auto loan by up to five times.

CreditVision Home Equity Propensity Score

Find people who are three to six times more likely to open a new home equity account.

CreditVision Bankcard Propensity Score

Identify the behavior and relevant credit trends of consumers in the market for a new bankcard.

CreditVision Personal Loan Propensity Score

Find consumers who are six to 16 times more likely to apply for a personal loan.

Product Highlights
  • Access new decision points and integrate relevant data assets

  • Apply advanced analytics to gain insights and make the best decisions

  • Implement marketing and risk strategies tailored for the customer, channel and business goals

  • Deliver more targeted offers while reducing risk and improving speed-to-market

  • Go faster—make changes in hours instead of days, weeks or months

  • Track consumer behavior and credit trends to reveal how consumer behavior changes over time

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