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Significantly improve score performance to confidently grow your customer base

CreditVision® risk scores and data consistently beat traditional credit scores at assessing risk and future performance. Built from TransUnion’s own expanded consumer credit report, CreditVision risk scores now include even richer and more predictive data than any other risk score in the market. The scores incorporate new data elements, including actual payment amounts as reported for each account, 82-month extended account-level payment patterns and 30 months of history for each tradeline—helping you make more precise lending decisions to move ahead of the competition.

CreditVision offers a variety of enhanced scores that outperform risk scores built with traditional data. All can be used as a standalone or in combination with existing scores.

CreditVision New Account Score

This score enables lenders to both reduce losses on new accounts, as well as to "buy deeper" and expand approvals by identifying lower risk borrowers that traditional scores—with a more limited view of a consumer—might miss. Proven to consistently beat traditional credit scores across a range of loan product types, including credit cards, retail accounts, home equity accounts, personal loans and finance accounts.

CreditVision Account Management Score

This score can be incorporated into portfolio reviews to better understand risk and future performance and adjust strategies accordingly.

CreditVision Link Score

Further differentiated with the power of alternative data, CreditVision Link can score 95% of Americans – helping you lend to highly lucrative emerging credit populations often overlooked or denied by lenders because they don't have sufficient data on their credit files.

CreditVision Auto Score

Built specifically for use in new auto originations, this score will enhance your ability to predict performance on new auto accounts of borrowers across the risk spectrum, from Subprime to Super Prime.

CreditVision Bankruptcy Score

The first-ever bankruptcy score designed with enriched consumer credit data outperforms traditional scores – helping you more accurately identify consumers likely to file bankruptcy in the next 12 months.

Product Highlights
  • More predictive than traditional scores due to enhanced credit data

  • Gain a broader and deeper view of consumer performance—expanded historical data including payment ratios, directional changes in balance shifts and changes in utilization

  • Score approximately 58% of consumers that were deemed unscorable by traditional credit risk scores

  • Improve decisioning to consumers near score cutoffs—assigning a higher proportion of consumers to the best risk tiers

  • Pinpoint credit behaviors complementary to current capabilities

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