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Email and Phone Verification

Validate personal information effortlessly and effectively.

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Email and Phone Verification features

Here’s what you can do with Email and Phone Verification.

A deep examination of email characteristics, phone number attributes and IP addresses offers businesses unmatched confidence in the validity of each consumer. Stop account takeover, synthetic identity fraud and fraud rings before they impact your bottom line.

Get TruValidate Email and Phone Verification

Email verification

Check consumer-provided email addresses for risky attributes like longevity and domain, while gaining insights into behaviors related to activity and popularity on the network.

IP verification

Determine the true location of a device with our deep examination of device attributes built to uncover evasion techniques and stop fraudsters before they cause damage.

Customize results

Each examination of an email address or phone number is tailored to your specific business needs and transaction risks.

Phone verification

Uncover potential red flags associated with each consumer-provided phone number.

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