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Employment data

Use employment data to facilitate effective collections efforts

Dig deeper into consumers’ employment histories for a more detailed view

In order to derive the clearest picture of accounts within a debt portfolio, you need a reputable source for relevant consumer information.

Tapping into the massive data repository of TransUnion’s TLOxp solution—comprised of over 225 million public and proprietary employment records—helps enhance your skip tracing efforts and accelerate your recovery rates. With access to this powerful data, you can now:

  • Locate consumers quickly to help you recover more debt
  • Spend time and money wisely by focusing on searches with high-volume batch scrubs
  • Conduct more extensive due diligence to help mitigate risk

Because our clients’ usage and needs vary in scope, we offer different employment solution options, enabling you to choose which one best supports your business.

TransUnion Employment Solutions*

     TLOxp onlineBatchAPI
StandardAll available aggregated employment data except the several sources designated premium
PremiumHigher quality aggregated employment data derived from several of our highest quality sources
VerifiedManually-verified employment data

*Results may vary by customer and asset type.

Batch monitoring is available for Employment and Premium Employment services.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“We’ve used multiple services for POE data, seemingly all the big industry sources. The results were generally the same; verified POE was very accurate but incredibly costly. Unverified POE was incredibly inexpensive but the results were poor and not worth our time to follow-up on. TLO’s premium place of employment product provided us with the balance we were looking for. Nice job TLO!” 

- Rick Bonitzer, President, Credit Collection Partners

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