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Gain a broader, deeper view of consumer identity and suspected fraud

In business, talking about fraud and its implications has become commonplace. Conceding that fraudsters are out there is a given – regaining control is where your focus should be. Unfortunately, legacy fraud prevention systems may still lack the ability to combat sophisticated fraud tactics. What you need are preventative tools that aid in the early detection of fraud, in order to protect your organization, customers and earnings. In conjunction, you’ll also be providing a safer, more secure and unencumbered transaction environment for good customers.

TransUnion offers a variety of Fraud Analytics solutions that cut fraudsters off at the pass. Our alerts alone can help you spot high risk identity behaviors and suspect data at time of application. Through analysis, we can also help you detect fabricated identities—one of the fastest-growing and costliest threats. Additionally, we’ve developed predictive models that examine transactions – looking for anomalies or fraudulent behaviors that indicate fraudsters are attempting to open accounts without the intent to repay. Now you can outsmart the fraudsters before they outsmart you.

Product Highlights
  • Examines physical and digital identity elements, with transactional behaviors and insights into known associations

  • Marries rules based and machine learning to try to stay ahead of evolving fraud activity

  • Uses predictive analytics that link, interpret and analyze data –searching for anomolies and patterns of risk

  • Includes scores, attributes, decisions and actionable alerts, delivered when, where and how you need it

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