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Commercial Habitational Risk Solution

Enhance segmentation strategies to attract better business and improve profitability with this predictive insurance model

Access objective, reliable information and price policies more accurately

The Habitational Risk Solution provides insurers with predictive analytics and insights into the risk of loss associated with a commercial and habitational property. Although the tenants of an insured habitational property are directly related to expected claims performance, often the insurance premium charged does not reflect that exposure. As a result, the actual losses incurred are not in alignment with expected losses, leading to inconsistency in loss ratio performance.

TransUnion’s predictive Habitational Risk model uses aggregated data and advanced householding technology to identify the habitational occupants of commercial properties and assess their insurance loss potential to improve risk selection and pricing segmentation, and to help lower loss ratios and accelerate revenue.

Access objective, reliable information and price policies more accurately


Habitational Risk Score

Measure and assess the occupant loss propensity and how that risk has changed over time

  • Credit attributes and scores are aggregated to create an occupant risk score
  • Scores are calculated to create distribution
  • Historical scores assess how risk changes over time

Habitational Risk Stability Factors

Measure the overall occupant risk stability

  • Measures the average tenant tenure
  • Provides historical scores and distribution

Product Highlights

Assess the risk associated with inhabitants of a multi-family dwelling or multiple single family dwellings under a commercial property insurance policy

Receive an aggregate score with the overall risk associated with your property

Receive age and tenure data for each property

Identify how a property has changed over time with historical scores

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