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Healthcare Accounts Receivable Recovery and Denial Management

Maximize insurance reimbursement in the shortest time and at a lower cost to collect.

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The most comprehensive post-discharge revenue recovery solutions in the market

Our unique and powerful combination of data, analytics and workflow enables our clients to accelerate cash collections faster than the competition while gaining greater insight into their A/R.

Extended Business Office Services

Cutting-edge, proprietary technology blended with people domain expertise powers our Extended Business Office services to deliver both root-cause and actionable insights. Without adding a single staff resource, we’ll help you address legacy, aged, small balance, underpayments and zero balance accounts, resulting in:

More Cash
Accurately identify reimbursement and variances resulting from underpayments and denials for each claim — including primary, secondary, interim and repeat visits.

Faster Cash
Get transparent, accurate and actionable denial and underpayment analytics, as well as payer scorecards that monitor performance by tracking response times and types, and percentage of allowable paid by insurance vs. patient responsibility.

Lower Cost to Collect
Leverage sophisticated workflow and analytics to work accounts in groups by root causes with proven resolutions — two to three times faster than competing solutions.

With our denial management technology, you’re able to reduce and prevent denials and underpayments — and maximize reimbursement from insurance payers.

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