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Healthcare Claim Status

Receive timely feedback on outstanding claims, reduce cost-to-collect and improve cash flow

Accelerate claim resolution with up-to-date status information

Unnecessary time and money can be spent obtaining healthcare insurance claim status information.

TransUnion Healthcare’s Claim Status solution provides immediate, detailed information related to the receipt, processing and subsequent adjudication of submitted claims. With this information, claims can be efficiently segmented — ensuring work is only done on the accounts that need attention.

Our Claim Status solution helps expand your service and offerings to healthcare clients so you can create stronger customer relationships and accelerate revenue growth.

  • Increase staff efficiency by electronically obtaining claim status information, reducing visits to payer websites or direct calls
  • Improve cash flow by enabling staff to identify and follow up on problem accounts early and reduce A/R days and denials
  • Reduce cost-to-collect by helping collections staff focus only on problem accounts, eliminating unnecessary touches to other accounts

Industry Highlights

It takes, on average, 13 minutes to manually obtain claim status from payer websites or on phone calls for each claim — costing your provider clients up to $5.26 per transaction.

Claim status inquiries (ASC X12N 276/277) are being used in greater numbers to obtain the status of claims, increasing the per-member transaction count to six inquiries in 2017 from three in 2016, per CAQH 2017 Index.

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