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Healthcare for Government

Revenue Protection Solutions to Support Government Healthcare.

TransUnion Healthcare is committed to offering Revenue Protection® solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of government organizations.

TransUnion Healthcare offers the following solutions for government:

Insurance Discovery page

Insurance Discovery

TransUnion Healthcare’s Insurance Discovery solution automatically discovers and identifies potential first-in-line insurance coverage for government member claims. We verify that all found coverage is active for the date of service, ensuring that only high quality, viable insurance benefits results are received. As a result, you can recapture incorrectly paid claims that should have been paid by secondary insurance and improve coordination of benefits to avoid payment of future claims.

Insurance Eligibility page

Insurance Eligibility

TransUnion Healthcare’s Insurance Eligibility solution accurately captures eligibility and benefits information upfront, including potential secondary coverage, to ensure earned revenue gets paid. This solution provides an electronic verification of patient coverage, including copays, coinsurance and deductible information, throughout the entire billing process — from pre-registration to point-of-service, claims and appeals.

Identity Verification page

Identity Verification

Medical identity theft is on the rise, and the need to protect this sensitive patient health information has become increasingly important. An identity verification solution should not only identify a patient correctly at registration, it should also cleanse your internal database. Our HIPAA compliant identity verification solution uses multiple datasets to validate patient identity and demographic data and prevent identity theft with built-in alerts.

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