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Patient Identity Verification

Improve registration accuracy by verifying patient identity and contact information.

Validate patient demographic data up front to ensure accurate information, help reduce medical theft, prevent duplicate medical records and aid HIPAA compliance.

Utilizing accurate patient identity and contact information in the patient financial clearance process can help reduce costs associated with billing delays, errors and duplicate medical records.

Improve patient identity verification results with comprehensive data sources.

Verify patient identity and demographic information — including name, address, Social Security number and date of birth — against our comprehensive data sources, and help fulfill the FTC Red Flags Rule requirement.

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Choose a patient identity verification solution that utilizes advanced matching logic and data to deliver:

  • A comparison of input and returned demographic information
  • Comprehensive identity information, including additional addresses, phone numbers with phone type (cellular or landline) and phone qualifiers (personal, employment or business)
  • Multiple identity verification status messages to streamline necessary action or follow-up

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