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Self-Pay Collections

Streamline the collections process and improve cash flow

TransUnion Healthcare’s solution combines our industry-leading insurance discovery and patient financial clearance capabilities to increase collections on self-pay and balance-after-insurance accounts.

Our complete, self-pay collections solution identifies accounts that will pay — from patient and payer — which in turn improves cash flow and overall collections yield. It only requires one data input file and is able to:

Increase reimbursements


Increase reimbursement by identifying commercial, Medicare and/or Medicaid eligibility on self-pay accounts missed during patient access


Reduce fraud

Reduce fraud and returned mail expenses by verifying patient contact information

Reduce bad debt

Reduce bad debt by determining charity care from bad debt based on estimated percent of Federal Poverty Level (FPL)


Assist with 501(r) reporting requirements

Assist with 501(r) reporting requirements by identifying which self-pay accounts can be segmented for collections vs. presumptively qualified for charity care

Keep more accounts in-house

Reduce overall vendor contingency fees by keeping more accounts in-house

Propensity to pay

Quick Facts

*According to Kaiser Health Tracking Poll in 2017
**TransUnion Healthcare Proprietary Data


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