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Quickly verify consumers and devices, and authenticate identities for more informed decisions

Strengthen and streamline your fraud and identity management solutions

As more consumers turn to online sources for a variety of transactions, fraudsters are presented with more opportunities to deceive. That means you need to be able to identify potential fraud quickly and effectively, while not inconveniencing good customers in the process. Our IDxpSM solution offers you several components to be used singularly or in tandem depending on your particular needs. It’s highly configurable so you can review transactions and adjust acceptance thresholds in minutes, giving you the upper hand.

Timely identity verification and authentication allows you to say yes with confidence, but what really differentiates IDxp lies in its digital verification component, which uses behavioral histories to flag actions that appear out of the norm and has learning capabilities to improve results over time. This extra layer of detection may prompt you to require more information, delay or decline the transaction entirely. And if managing an influx of transactions isn’t enough, managing multiple vendors is an additional challenge. IDxp allows you to consolidate vendors by leveraging a single fraud and identity solution. This streamlines your operations, simplifies the transaction process for a better customer experience and ultimately drives down costs.

IDxp is available with an easy-to-use, web-based interface for call center, point of sale environments or via API. Our API connection can quickly integrate with most of today’s software systems used by retailers, financial services companies and other users that require an identity management solution. That means you can begin combatting fraud in real time – in no time at all.

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Identity Authentication

The second tier of verification which deploys consumer authentication routines based on the risk assessed for the transaction. Select the out of wallet questions and configure pass thresholds. Two factor authentication sends a one-time passcode via voice or SMS to verify numbers.

Multi-layered Identity Verification

Verify consumer-provided information against TransUnion’s comprehensive data. View the risk score and factors including OFAC and a summary of consumer information

Digital Verification

Assesses the risk of online consumers through a behavioral history, allowing you to conduct business confidently in faceless channels. Using geolocation, user transaction profiling and device reputation, you’ll get a better idea of a consumer’s device’s true ownership and integrity. With our machine learning capabilities, results are fed back to endlessly improve fraud detection.

Product Highlights

First solution to integrate both consumer identities and device profiles with machine learning capabilities

Multiple modes of authentication and dynamic assignment improves pass rates for good customers

Cross-industry behavior and link analysis provides insights beyond traditional verification tools

Available through API to securely integrate with most of today’s software systems