Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification

Confirm your patients' insurance benefit information electronically with our Insurance Eligibility product

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Capture accurate patient eligibility and benefit information upfront.

Verify patient coverage, including copays, coinsurance and deductible information, at any point in the billing process—from pre-registration to the point-of-service, claims and appeals. Upfront accuracy helps avoid processing errors, eliminate costly re-work and manual calls to payers, lower billing and collections costs, and ultimately decrease time in accounts receivable.

With Insurance Eligibility Verification, you can:

  • Increase insurance eligibility hit rates
  • Reduce eligibility denials
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Eliminate manual processes and expensive re-works
  • Lower billing and collections costs

Find out today how you can easily integrate Insurance Eligibility Verification into your existing workflow.


  • Multiple delivery options, including integration with Epic and MEDITECH systems, web portal, and batch transactions, to meet your different needs

  • Connectivity to more than 800 payers covering 98% of U.S. insured lives

  • Optimized 271 eligibility responses that display eligibility data in an easy-to-read summary

  • 99.9+% clearinghouse uptime to ensure minimal disruption to your workflow

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