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Medicare Cost Reporting

Increase Medicare reimbursements, automate complex processes and recover more revenue

TransUnion Healthcare offers comprehensive Medicare Cost Reporting solutions to help automate complex processes and maximize reimbursements.

By leveraging our best-in-class STINGRAYTM technology and deep domain expertise in complex and data-intensive cost report issues, you’ll be able to streamline and automate key areas of the cost report preparation process to bolster your bottom line with our Medicare Solutions.

Medicare Bad Debt

Maximize reimbursement for unpaid Medicare coinsurance and deductibles. Medicare Bad Debt (MBD) represents a significant revenue source for hospitals — 65% of the eligible amount of MBD they incur. However, complex rules regulating Medicare bad debt processes and reporting make it hard to recover these payments.

TransUnion Healthcare’s Medicare Bad Debt solution addresses these challenges by automating the MBD review process. By leveraging the unique processing and data integration capabilities of our STINGRAY™ platform — the industry’s only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for MBD — hospitals can accurately and efficiently identify reimbursable bad debts by:

  • Ensuring all categories of MBD are studied, including crossovers, traditional self-pay, and indigent/charity care
  • Identifying coinsurance and deductible amounts from Medicare claims
  • Cross-referencing against state Medicaid paid-claims information
  • Eliminating non-allowable deductible and coinsurance amounts
  • Reconciling remaining amounts against the hospital’s encounter and transaction data
  • Reconciling against previous submissions to accurately report recoveries in current periods
  • Delivering accurate findings in a format that’s easy to submit to CMS

This solution can be delivered as a fully-outsourced consulting service or as a SaaS solution.

Learn more about our Medicare Bad Debt solution >


“We are a 21-bed hospital and every dollar of reimbursement is important to help us deliver excellent patient care. TransUnion Healthcare’s work recovered over $300,000 for us, exceeding our expectations. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.”

— Controller, Southern hospital

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