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IDVision with iovation

One-Time Passcode

Simple, straightforward and cost-effective authentication.

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One-Time passcode features

Here’s what you get with One-Time Passcode.

Verify that a consumer is associated with the provided phone number and issue a one-time SMS code. This familiar and effective authentication method enables businesses to transact confidently, while delivering a friction-right consumer experience.

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Customize delivery

Issue a one-time code via SMS delivery, or select a voice call to reliably authenticate a consumer’s identity.

Strong physical authentication

Confirm the device being used is actually in the consumer’s possession.

Protect the entire customer journey

Apply One-Time Passcode at login, call center interactions, for in-person interactions, and as users access and manage their accounts.

Multilayered verification

Verify the provided phone number against historical records for an added layer of confidence.

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