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Find other health insurance coverage for your member claims—and improve your bottom line.

TransUnion Other Health Insurance Discovery (OHI) is an automated coverage discovery solution that identifies potential first-in-line insurance coverage for your member claims. OHI can help avoid costs by analyzing membership files for potential coverage to help ensure you don’t pay for claims that aren’t your responsibility. OHI helps address incorrectly paid claims, and improves your coordination of benefits efforts to avoid improper payment of future claims.

  • Market-leading technology:

    Increase hit rates by leveraging advanced technology and matching algorithms

  • Leverage robust data assets:

    Our proprietary commercial insurance and comprehensive consumer databases find more alternative coverage than other vendors

  • Proven results:

    Over 50% additional coverage found for a customer when coming in behind a major competitor, and we’ve helped our healthcare clients recover over $6.4 billion in cash to date

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