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Patient Payment Estimation

Increase point-of-service collections and improve staff productivity with accurate patient payment estimates

Market-leading technology and data

Patient Payment Estimation uses a fully-automated, contracts-based engine that produces individual or combined patient estimates with:

  • Touchless workflow — Automatically processes steps necessary to complete a patient estimate
  • Credible information — Analyzes payer negotiated contracts, charge master information, historical charges and patient benefits to generate a reliable estimate
  • Auto add technology — Automatically adds procedure codes normally performed together in estimates, resulting in more accuracy
  • Easy-to-understand estimate letter — Helps staff better understand and explain benefits and out-of-pocket costs to patients


Gain a deeper understanding of patient payment estimation performance and trends to optimize processes and to improve patients' financial experience. Analyze estimates data to uncover trends that impact efficiency and accuracy, including:

  • Under-to over-calculated estimates
  • Monthly comparisons of completed estimates across facilities
  • Visibility into expected reimbursements from patients and payers
  • Opportunities to improve estimation workflow

Exception-based web platform

Patient Payment Estimation, part of TransUnion Healthcare’s ClearIQ® web-based platform, simplifies and improves the process to complete a patient estimate with an exception-based workflow that offers:

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