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Get credible patient payment estimates for medical costs at or before the point of service

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ClearIQ® Patient Payment Estimation is a contracts-based estimation engine with the ability to produce individual or combined estimates of patients’ medical costs.

Use the Patient Payment Estimator to analyze a provider’s negotiated contractual reimbursements; the historical procedural information along with the charge description master information; and patient specific, year-to-date benefit data to arrive at the most credibly defensible estimate of the patient’s out-of-pocket financial responsibility prior to the procedure.

The first solution of its kind, the ClearIQ Patient Payment Estimator is able to generate many types of estimates, including pre-inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory surgical center and professional fees.

Get the estimates your patients need

ClearIQ Patient Payment Estimation gives patients the transparency they expect and deserve, while boosting your team’s confidence to collect patient payments up front. Its straightforward automation makes for a vastly improved healthcare experience all around. ClearIQ Patient Payment Estimation will:

  • Auto-populate patient demographic and service information
  • Add all diagnosis and procedure codes, and ensure that codes normally performed together are always included
  • Aggregate patient procedure and benefit information to generate the patient’s out-of-pocket estimate
  • Provide a detailed, customizable letter for the patient outlining payment information

The results: Increased point-of-service collections and, because ClearIQ offers easy, straightforward automation, you’ll see improved workflow and efficiency.




  • Increase price transparency

  • Increase point-of-service collections

  • Improve patient satisfaction

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