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Recognize portfolio changes sooner and take effective action with tools for portfolio management

Consumers’ situations can change rapidly, which can alter their financial standing. With these ongoing consumer credit shifts, it can be challenging for lenders to isolate high-risk accounts or identify positive-performing accounts within a portfolio if it’s not being monitored regularly. In order to take a proactive approach, you need portfolio risk management tools that reliably segment the good from the bad, to help you address ongoing regulatory scrutiny, identify your best customers to improve retention, and reduce exposure to delinquencies and charge-offs resulting in losses.

The more frequently you review your portfolio, the better you can preempt the impact to your institution. Choose the ideal portfolio management tool from TransUnion to improve your risk strategies and address your unique business needs.

Express Portfolio Review

TransUnion Express Portfolio Review is an easy-to-use, online, self-service tool which helps you proactively review consumer credit profiles to quickly evaluate risk. With results in less than 48 hours, Express Portfolio Review can help you to better identify, segment and prioritize accounts to improve your portfolio management strategy.

Express Portfolio Compare

TransUnion Express Portfolio Compare takes portfolio management one step further by measuring risks unique to each customer. Express Portfolio Compare gives you a snapshot of your portfolio on a monthly or quarterly basis to help you identify where there may be opportunities to take action. Receive automated, timely change data built to not put a strain on your resources. With Express Portfolio Compare, you’re better able to determine potential delinquency by isolating high-risk accounts, identifying best performing customers to strengthen retention and finding customers most likely to pay to prioritize collections efforts.

To take some of the guesswork out of the process, TransUnion has created pre-configured attribute packages for Express Portfolio Review and Express Portfolio Compare designed to identify specific characteristics of a consumer’s credit health. In addition, you get added intelligence into credit limits, balances, utilizations, delinquencies and inquiries. You choose what is most essential to your business—either by selecting one of our packages or by purchasing any of 200 attributes on an á la carte basis.

Also, you have the option to pick from 19 scores, including:

  • Three TransUnion Risk Scores
  • Five TransUnion Collection Recovery Models
  • TransUnion Income Estimator and Debt-to-Income Estimator
  • VantageScore® 2.0 helps improve predictive performance and greater score stability over time
  • Six FICO® scores, including Classic 08, Classic 04 and Classic 98
  • FICO 8 Mortgage Score helps to better predict mortgage performance and improve credit decisions for both current and prospective homeowners

Custom Portfolio Review

Tailor your portfolio reviews to better fit your business needs. Optimize your risk strategies by adding unlimited scores and credit attributes—along with access to more than 180 standard characteristics. To further segment portfolio risk and improve treatment strategies to supplement traditional credit scores, TransUnion offers alternative data, which includes access to hundreds of millions of unique identity- and payment-based records. In addition, get flexible file sizes and customized result outputs, all with the guidance of dedicated TransUnion consultants.

  • Better predict a consumer's capacity to pay to help improve credit line decisions and loan modification strategies

  • Enhance your ability to preempt delinquency on accounts that may underperform

  • Leverage data to help meet compliance requirements

  • Target parts of your portfolio for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

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