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Better manage your risk and growth goals with Prama Attribute Manager

Lenders know the most effective models are built using proven attributes. But first, you need to be able to harness and extract valuable insights from big data – and many lenders have cited that as being a big challenge. In fact, the lack of analytics capabilities have been seen to hinder lenders’ ability to successfully compete.

With PramaSM Attribute Manager—a convenient, web-based, TransUnion-hosted solution—you receive a library of standard TransUnion CreditVision® attributes for use when building attribute models. You can modify attribute definitions, and centralize the development, management and vetting of the data prior to deploying to production. Through direct, immediate, self-service visibility of your analytics, you now have the power to more effectively control attributes, which in turn allows for smarter lending decisions.

Product Highlights:
  • Easy and direct access to custom attribute development capabilities and TransUnion CreditVision attributes

  • A centralized environment for development and management of attributes to achieve efficiency through standardization and reuse across models

  • Systematically controls version with full version history

  • An analyst-friendly environment that allows for building and managing attributes, including complex attribute development and product offering definition

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