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Quicken the pace in which you turn data into actionable insights

Business moves fast, which means lenders need to be ready to make confident decisions swiftly to keep pace. That takes having access to data you can analyze and then promptly formulate effective strategies on which to act upon. Leveraging Prama DataHub’s extensive data management capabilities, Prama Data Extract provides self-service access to 100% of its depersonalized, archive credit data, through the secure electronic data exchange gateway, typically within 24 hours1—which is quicker than most traditional archive request services. Now customers can use the data obtained to support their own analytics – in their own environment.

1 Once the criteria has been defined, the data set is typically delivered within 24 hours. 24 hour delivery is dependent on job complexity. Under certain situations, dataset delivery can take longer.

Product Highlights
  • Query and extract 20 years of depersonalized, archive credit data via self-service, on-demand, point-and-click access

  • Query against 100% of depersonalized TransUnion credit data, with the option to extract a sample of any size

  • Query on and obtain enriched attributes and VantageScore® 4.0 as part of the extract

  • Obtain data for use in your own environment, with your preferred analytic toolkit

  • Receive the dataset through the secure electronic data exchange gateway, typically within 24 hours1

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