Prama Vintage Analysis

Compare and benchmark by vintage to identify trends and uncover reasons for performance shifts over time

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Stay ahead of the competition by gaining a clearer look into every aspect of your portfolio

PramaSM Vintage Analysis lets you segment a portfolio for a more holistic assessment of how your own vintages are comparing against your peers and the industry at large. Early identification of trends, fluctuations and other potential market behavior can then be considered in portfolio strategies to drive profitable growth.

Our Vintage Analysis module enables users to view seven years (84 months) of their own performance data, spanning the available life of each loan. You can explore key metrics, including origination, delinquency, charge-offs and bankruptcy trends, and easily compare or benchmark your portfolio over time, as well as vs. peer groups and industry performance.

With Vintage Analysis you can:
  • Leverage a complete depersonalized national database of every active credit consumer

  • Get a straightforward view of your own vintage curves with a select set of filters/dimensions for easy segment comparisons

  • Utilize highly graphical, interactive dashboards, designed to be easy to use by a variety of roles within your business

  • View side-by-side delinquency comparisons

  • Access automatic monthly updates

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