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Quickly build portfolio insights through a self-service, visual platform

Transform insights to action across the analytics lifecycle

Prama Market Insights

Quickly identify fluctuations in credit behavior and see how your existing strategies compare against the industry. Identify market trends by product, lender and geography on a quarterly basis for:

  • Origination volumes
  • Risk distribution
  • Credit performance

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Prama Vintage Analysis

Segment your portfolio to assess risk and understand how your vintages compare to your peers’ and the industry. Explore key delinquency metrics to easily evaluate your portfolio and adjust risk strategies, including:

  • Originating risk tier
  • Pricing
  • Debt levels
  • File depth
  • Geographic distribution

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Prama Benchmarking

Understand on-us and off-us behavior and tap market intelligence on prospects served by peers. Leverage insights within relevant lender segments to uncover opportunities to expand your portfolio across:

  • Auto
  • Card
  • Personal loans
  • Mortgage

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Prama Data Extract

Access TransUnion’s depersonalized full national credit data file to:

  • Enhance your own analytics in your environment
  • Search and query data with point and click access
  • Query on CreditVision attribute and score models, as well as VantageScore® 4.0
  • Receive overnight delivery of the dataset

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Prama Attribute Manager

Directly access TransUnion CreditVision® attributes for custom modeling so you can:

  • Modify attribute definitions
  • Centralize attribute development and management
  • Standardize and reuse attributes across models
  • Control attribute versioning and track history

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Lenders’ Success Demands Self-service Analytics

Lenders need better portfolio analysis and want self-service tools to unlock insight. Prama delivers on-demand consumer credit insights.

of lenders say data and analytics are evolving faster than their internal capabilities

of lenders report their lack of analytics capabilities affects their ability to compete

*Lenders Reveal,TransUnion and Versta Research Survey, 2016

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