Propensity to Pay

Make objective propensity to pay decisions—and collect more

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Get the data and analytics you need to make informed propensity to pay decisions

What a patient owes is often not the same as what a patient can afford. Propensity to Pay automates the financial clearance of patients by condensing financial data into an easy-to-read format for quick decision-making during registration and financial counseling. This gives your organization a better idea of where patient stand financially and allows you to proceed accordingly.

Equip front-end staff with the necessary information to confidently ask for payment or appropriately engage financial counselors based on a patient’s unique financial situation.

  • Improve cash collections through the accurate classification of accounts into the optimal payment workflow

  • Increase patient satisfaction by setting up equitable payment plans

  • Improve staff efficiency through the use of more intelligent follow-up strategies on patient bills based on likelihood of payment

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