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Property Insurance Solutions

Improve your underwriting strategies with innovative property solutions powered by TransUnion’s data and analytics.

Target high risk properties in order to mitigate losses and price policies more effectively

Poor non-weather loss performance can be linked directly to exposures in your property portfolio where the risk has changed. Occupancy and delinquent mortgage exposures and their corresponding loss performance often go undetected and can slowly erode your non-weather loss ratio. Additionally, property fraud is on the rise and can also go undetected. That’s why TransUnion offers a powerful suite of property solutions created with current and accurate data—to help you focus on those risks that could most impact your bottom line.

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Implement a complete property solution with three product options

Property Risk Verification

Receive notification at the point of sale if applicant-provided identity, address mortgage or property information triggers a possibility of fraud, unauthorized transaction or other liability or misrepresentation.

Occupancy Alert

Identify properties in your portfolio that have become vacant, unoccupied, non-owner occupied and more, to help decrease exposure and better focus your inspections on the properties that could hit your bottom line the hardest.

Occupancy Triggers

Monitor changes in an active portfolio as they arise to help address occupancy concerns before they lead to losses.

Product Highlights

Decrease undetected fraud at new business to improve rating plan accuracy and avoid adverse selection

Identify changes to properties in your existing portfolio to help determine if you should re-inspect, re-underwrite or not renew a policy

Receive timely notification of occupancy changes and take action to help prevent losses before they occur

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