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Monetize your marketing investment and secure quality leads with this convenient online marketplace

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Target highly qualified leads online and offer a better comparison shopping experience for consumers

Quote Exchange is an online, dynamic insurance marketplace that enables you to buy and sell real-time quotes enriched with TransUnion data for precise segmentation and decisioning. Refer traffic to the exchange or purchase rate display or ad-only opportunities to target highly qualified leads for new policy opportunities.

Quote Exchange lets you buy or sell quotes based on your specific criteria

Quote Exchange: Selling a quote

Control when to offer shoppers a comparison quote experience and earn revenue when they accept. By providing consumers with an easy shopping experience, they’ll be likely to return to your site the next time they’re in the market for insurance. You’ll also be able to gain insight into market statistics and adjust your strategy with the Quote Exchange online reporting tool.

Quote Exchange: Buying a quote

Purchase consumer leads that don’t match one carrier’s profile for comparative quoting and reduce the cost of driving traffic to your website. TransUnion can enrich the lead with additional data, such as risk scores, violation data, demographic information and more for a complete view of the consumer. This enables you to market to highly qualified, actively quoting consumers who fit your ideal target, and for a lower acquisition cost than today’s current marketplace.

Product Highlights
  • Engage shoppers with high purchase intent by integrating a comparison quote experience on your rates page

  • See a full view of an online consumer leveraging credit, demographic, fraud and violation data to determine when to sell and buy qualified leads

  • Receive robust reporting and analytics for continued refinement of your strategies

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