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Recovery Scores

Take the right path to collect more

All debt recovery scores are not created equal.

Even the most successful collections organizations experience operational inefficiencies. And while most collections businesses do have some type of recovery score in place, it’s important to understand how significantly scores have evolved over time. An outdated score, or one that includes limited data sets, can curb your business’ ability to grow, and in many cases, succeed.

Use TransUnion CreditVision® Recovery Scores—the latest, advanced, credit-based recovery scores available—to access deeper, more predictive insights regardless of the size and scope of your operation. With CreditVision Recovery Scores, you can:

  • Identify accounts most likely to pay, quickly
  • Focus on high-yield inventory first
  • Recover more debt by prioritizing accounts and maximizing resources

Highly predictive CreditVision Recovery Scores can help you quickly identify payers and give you a significant lift in unit yield. Data elements not found in traditional models, such as balances, credit limits, past due summaries and 30 months of account history, provide a 360-degree view into how a consumer’s behavior has trended over time. This insight enables you to identify and prioritize those most willing and able to pay—saving you time and money.

The new CreditVision Recovery Model provides more predictive power. Customer validations have shown:


Whether you collect on multiple types of debt or from one asset class, TransUnion has a model to address your specific needs.

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