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TruVision Resident Credit

What if you could stand out from the competition with rent payment reporting?

Resident Credit Steps


Reporting monthly rent payments to TransUnion makes it matter to your residents’ credit scores

Encourages residents to pay on time
Only TruVision Resident Credit accepts and discloses both positive and negative data. This motivates residents to pay on time and lets you see delinquencies in real time as you screen applicants — not just as collections or public records.

Everyone benefits
By paying online and on time, residents can build their credit histories and see the potential impact to their credit scores. As for property managers, the on-time payment incentive for residents has shown to help improve cash flow through reduced delinquencies.

It’s hassle-free
Reporting rental payment information to TransUnion is fast, easy and costs nothing.

Partner Testimonial

“TransUnion’s rent payment reporting solution is impacting people’s lives in a positive way. Residents who report their rent payments to TransUnion are going from credit invisible to being able to get loans for automobiles or mortgages. It’s finally making someone who is renting an apartment more like someone who has an established mortgage.”

Jim Rowley, Head of RentPlus at Rent Dynamics

Quick Facts

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Why have property managers who report payment taken the plunge?

Top reasons include:

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