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What if you could stand out from the competition with rent payment reporting?


Reporting monthly rent payments to TransUnion makes it matter to your residents’ credit scores

Encourages residents to pay on time
Only TransUnion ResidentCredit accepts and discloses both positive and negative data. This motivates residents to pay on time and lets you see delinquencies in real time as you screen applicants — not just as collections or public records.

Everyone benefits
By paying online and on time, residents can build their credit history and see the potential impact to their credit score. As for property managers, the on-time payment incentive for residents has shown to help improve cash flow through reduced delinquencies.

It’s hassle-free
Reporting rental payment information to TransUnion is fast, easy and costs nothing.

Partner Testimonial

“Given that we’re there to assist our customers in being financially strong, smart and prepared, it was important to us to find a better way to build a credit score. For that reason, TransUnion quickly saw the value in rental data and we began working together to formulate a file format and process for us to submit rent payments to them.”


Quick Facts


of renters may see their credit scores increase in the first month of reporting


of residents whose payments were reported decreased their late payment rate by 26-50%


of surveyed renters would be more likely to choose your property if rental payments were reported to a credit bureau

TransUnion is proud to partner with these rental data processors

3 reasons to get in the know about your credit now

Smarter Decisions

TransUnion contains more than five billion real property records covering over 95% of the U.S. population.

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