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Interpreting Distracted Versus Struggling

Consumer types in times of stress.
March 27th | 1:00pm

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What if you could make your multi-family investment, acquisition and asset management decisions with more confidence?

ResidentVisionSM is your single source of people data to help you transform insights into action
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Property Review Report

Get more accurate and up-to-date demographic data. Use it when you’re:

  • Acquiring or building new properties
  • Competing for fee management
  • Positioning properties for sale
  • Analyzing an underperforming asset
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Screening Dashboard

Calibrate resident quality objectives in real time with this asset management tool. Utilize your data to:

  • Refine your screening settings within seconds
  • Analyze the impact of “what if” scenarios when you make changes
  • Adjust your rent to income threshold — and so much more

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Credit Dashboard

Manage your assets and make strategic investment and operational decisions based on data, not intuition, when:

  • Evaluating the quality of the residents at a target property before you buy
  • Customizing your RFP with resident insights before a lease file audit is completed
  • Using these insights as a management scorecard

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Success in the property management industry demands actionable insights

Property management companies, brokers and institutional investors need better business intelligence and easy-to-use tools to unlock insight. ResidentVision delivers the data you need to gain the competitive edge.

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