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Know exactly who you’re insuring in order to confidently mitigate risk

Risk Verification PlatformSM (RVP) is a unique and innovative tool that identifies discrepancies in applicant/policyholder provided data to find fraud throughout your policy lifecycle. Using a combination of TransUnion and partner data, powerful matching logic and analytics, RVP quickly uncovers a person’s true identity and identifies the most likely garaging address, vehicle ownership and use, and true vehicle history. Use RVP at every stage of the policy lifecycle to decrease claims and operational costs, mitigate unacceptable exposures, obtain adequate rate and grow your high value customer base.


  • Consumer database
  • High risk fraud alerts
  • Social Security Administration/deceased
  • Telephone listings
  • Property file and assessor records
  • Driver license files
  • Fraud/false identity reports


  • High risk addresses
  • Address/phone mismatch
  • Custom ZIP code rating table for higher rated addresses
  • Occupancy/ownership/insurable interest/land use
  • Business on premises (batch)


  • Vehicle registration verification (owner/vehicle/state)
  • Branded title (indicator or detail)
  • Recent and severe damage reports
  • Commercial use/registration

Custom Data

  • Customer files, bad debt, known fraud, watch lists
  • IP/Device verification, including good/bad IP address lists
  • Premium identity alerts
  • Undisclosed drivers (future offering)
  • Identify your unacceptable risks and price policies more accurately

  • Help prevent fraud before it leads to losses

  • Better identify critical elements before binding a policy under review, or referring a claim to investigation

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