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Social Determinant
Risk Attributes

Improve population health programs by combining powerful, actionable SDOH data with your clinical and claims data

Understanding risk leads to better health outcomes and lower costs

Understanding SDOH risk leads to better health outcomes and lower costs

While clinical data has traditionally been used to predict population health risk, it only tells part of the story. Whereas, approximately 60% of health outcomes can be attributed to social determinants of health (SDOH), such as poverty, housing stability, access to transportation, and living in a food desert1.

Determinations of risk aren’t always possible in these areas if patients do not provide complete disclosure on their socioeconomic situation or if organizations don’t have the resources and time to collect such information.

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Comprehensive and reliable data sources

Comprehensive and reliable SDOH data sources

TransUnion Healthcare’s SDOH solution combines robust datasets from multiple and frequently updated sources, including public records, aggregated credit data and proprietary assets.

This deep, broad data helps enhance your in-house models by enabling you to better predict risk within your population.

Interested in partnering with TransUnion Healthcare for your SDOH research needs?

With TransUnion Healthcare’s Social Determinant Risk Attributes, you can focus on the right people at the right time — helping improve patient care and costs.

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