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Rental Housing Financial Impact Study

The impact due to COVID-19

We’re conducting a series of nationwide Rental Housing COVID-19 Credit Analysis and Financial Impact studies to better understand how renters are being impacted financially by the COVID-19 health crisis. As results come in, we’ll continue to provide explanations of our findings and visual representations of the data.

Latest U.S. Report May 2020

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The sample of renters included in this analysis were applicants screened through TransUnion’s ResidentScreening platform who received an approved status. The analysis comprised 2,431,220 distinct individuals and 9,433 properties from January 1, 2018, to April 30, 2020.

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COVID-19’s Impact on Renter Credit Profiles and Implications for Rental Housing

Get in-depth information on the pandemic’s effect on renters’ ability to borrow and pay their bills.

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