See how we can help you throughout the Collections lifecycle

Credit data

Trended consumer credit characteristics and behavior

  • Over 200 predefined credit characteristics
  • Enriched tradeline information across 30 months of account history
  • File monitoring for proactively addressing credit profile changes

Alternative data

Billions of actionable data records on 95% of the U.S. population

  • Covering people, businesses, assets and utilities
  • Daily updates received on millions of records
  • Sourced from both public and proprietary data

Scoring & analytics

Enriched data and sophisticated analytics for deeper views

  • Accurately estimate and predict consumer behavior
  • Standard or custom modeling capabilities
  • Reflecting recent economic conditions


  • Identify specialized segments of inventory for both compliance and recovery
  • Bankruptcy, deceased, active military, lawsuit history and incarceration information


  • Streamline operations and maximize collections
  • Propensity to pay models and recovery scores

Contact solutions

  • Phone numbers, listed and unlisted landlines, cell phones
  • Standard place of employment solution with over 170 million records on file
  • New, manually verified place-of-employment product available