Medical Collections and Reimbursement Solutions

Make smarter back-end revenue cycle decisions that increase collections and maximize reimbursements

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TransUnion's medical collections and reimbursement solutions help you collect more and quickly uncover previously hidden care dollars.

In an industry with so many moving parts and an urgency on the front end, it can be difficult to maximize your post-service processes. Yet, that’s exactly where it becomes extremely important to be effective. You don’t want to leave anything on the table that when added up over time and patients, can have a negative impact on your bottom line. TransUnion's medical reimbursement and collections solutions help providers make smarter back-end decisions that optimize resources and increase reimbursement.

We offer a post-service eligibility system that maximizes reimbursements from third party payers, and a suite of self-pay collections solutions that leverage third party data and analytics to help improve the efficiency of your collections process and comply with 501(r) reporting requirements.

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