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Don’t be fooled by fraudsters attempting to deceive you

Fraud has become a constant, dangerous and exceptionally costly problem for businesses and government organizations. Fraudulent tactics are more sophisticated and it’s gotten harder to keep up with the vast amount of cybercrimes being perpetrated. And yet, consumers and citizens still demand a seamless experience when transacting online or via mobile devices. The key is to combat fraud at inception with early detection and prevention. TransUnion offers solutions designed to do just that, so you feel more confident throughout the entire customer transaction lifecycle.

From identity and high risk fraud alerts to our synthetic fraud model, we have tools that facilitate more accurate and earlier detection. We can notify you of suspect identities and behavior patterns out of the norm—before you engage in potentially fraudulent transactions. We can flag attributes such as high risk addresses or Social Security numbers. We can also help businesses spot fabricated identities before new accounts are opened and cost money. Additionally, we have created the Fraud Prevention Exchange which serves as a forum in which lenders report and share important information that is carefully monitored to help protect contributing lenders from fraudulent activity. Bottom line, when it comes to fraud detection and prevention, we have all the bases covered.

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