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Patient Access

Improve the patient financial experience, streamline workflows and increase point-of-service collections

Patient access solutions to improve profitability

Patient Identity Verification

Improve registration accuracy and collection efforts by verifying patient contact information at the point of service. Our Identity Verification solution validates patient demographic information in real time against our robust proprietary sources, and helps confirm patient identity, reduce mail costs and helping ensure HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare Insurance Eligibility

Avoid processing errors and denials, eliminate costly reworks and ensure earned revenue gets paid. Insurance Eligibility helps verify patients' insurance in real time, including copays, coinsurance and deductible information. Claims Status helps accelerate claim resolution with up-to-date status information.

Healthcare Authorizations

Confirm payer rules and requirements to identify potential coverage issues in advance of a medical procedure and prevent denials. Our healthcare authorizations solutions automatically screen for Medicare medical necessity requirements and commercial, payer-specific prior authorization rules.

Patient Payment Estimation

Increase payment transparency by accurately estimating patients' out-of-pocket costs prior to treatment. Patient Payment Estimation enables staff to have up front conversations with patients about their financial responsibilities, increasing point-of-service collections.

Patient Financial Clearance

Make quick, informed decisions about a patient's propensity to pay or likelihood to qualify for financial assistance during registration and financial counseling. Patient Financial Clearance solutions provide a complete picture of a patient's identity and monetary situation through financial estimates, along with an objective, automated charity program enrollment process.

TransUnion Healthcare's patient access solutions improve your workflows and ensure a more stress-free patient experience — leaving you better equipped to collect more cash up front.

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*After Patient Payment Estimation solution implemented at Banner Health. View the case study.
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